Happy Earth Day 2020!


Hannah Barrios, Guest Contributor

Today is a special day that we can all take to remember our planet and do something to appreciate the
life it gives us. From raising awareness to taking action ourselves, we can celebrate Earth Day 2020 from
anywhere…even home.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, started in California in 1970. With more than a billion
people taking part each year, Earth Day is a great opportunity to remember the environmental issues
that are important to us.

Freedom’s Environmental Club is doing just that with its officers helping to raise awareness and take
action, even from home – and you can too!

Here are some suggestions from the Freedom Environmental Club:

Annick Landin, 12, reminds us that, “since we’re all staying home, causing our energy consumption to increase
significantly, we can try to take shorter showers and make sure to turn off lights where light is not

Parker Ridaught, 12, said that he has also been doing his schoolwork by natural light, avoiding using electricity for
lights all together.

Olivia Murrin, 10, and her family have made this Earth Day extra special by planting a garden and donating
to environmental causes that are important to them. This is a great way to enjoy a fun project, improve
air quality, and celebrate our awesome planet with some delicious backyard fruits and vegetables.

Lastly, I think that a great way to make a difference in your neighborhood is to pick up garbage when you
go on walks or runs. Then you will be able to see the immediate impacts in your own backyard.