My Coronavirus Binge Watch – “Bloodshot”


Michaela McGruder, Staff Writer

Since this quarantine has begun, I’ve been very bored. My job has decreased my hours and every other minors’ hours because of the Coronavirus pandemic, so I’m at home with basically nothing to do. Online school gets boring, and I’ve watched seemingly every TV show on Netflix.

Lately, Prime Video from Amazon has caught my eye. I’ve downloaded the app and become very acquainted with the shows and movies.

A movie that I’ve watched over this quarantine/extended break is “Bloodshot,” starring Vin Diesel. The movie wasn’t all that it was hyped up to be, but it was something to see.

The movie is about a man Ray Garrison (Diesel) in the army whose wife was shot and killed in front of him by a terrorist. Garrison was also shot and killed, or at least he thought he was dead.

This organization brought Garrison back to life using technology, and what they called “nanites”. Garrison was under the impression that the owner of the operation and the people who helped him keep the operation up and going were there to help him get better, which was false. Unbeknownst to Garrison he’d went on a mission that he thought would get him vengeance for the killing of his wife, and it wasn’t.

This movie is action packed and thrilling. It gave me a weird vibe at first, I won’t lie. I enjoyed that most of the things that occurred were unexpected and unpredicted. This movie is one that I would most definitely recommend if you’re an action movie fan. This was definitely a “Coronavirus Must Watch.”