Freedom Fest a Success

Lara McKeown, Staff Writer

   Last Friday, students from Mort Elementary came to Freedom to participate in Freedom Fest after it was rescheduled from December. Clubs and sports from Freedom set up Candyland themed activities for the elementary students to participate in.
   “For Engineering Club, we set up plinko and catapults for the kids to get candy because it’s related to kinetic and potential energy and physics,” Peter Rhyu, 12, said. “Freedom Fest helps the kids to get to know the school and learn about it.”
   Other groups also did activities that taught the kids about their club. Future Farmers of America brought in animals including a horse, goat, dog and rabbits for the Mort students to interact with.
   “We showed them the different animals you can work with in agriculture and the proper ways to pet and treat them,” Parker Hertenstein, 12, said. “FFA teaches lots of valuable life skills others than just animals such as good communication and teamwork skills.”
   Cheerleaders also participated to help watch over the kids and keep them entertained.
   “I love walking around with the kids because they’re so cute!” Sierra Skeslock, 10, said.
   Freedom Fest is organized by SGA and members were responsible for taking their
group of kids to each station.
   “In December it’s nice for them because they may not get gifts for Christmas,” Kara Turkson, 12, said. “But even with it being rescheduled it’s still a good opportunity for Freedom to put a good name out for itself and for everyone to have fun.”