Parents, please stay out of student parking lot

Lara McKeown, Staff Writer

It’s 8:25. You made the light into the school. You’re balancing an iced coffee while you’re tying your shoes and steering with your knee. You’re so close, but one more tardy and you have ISS.

The minivan in front of you has made a complete stop before the speed bump entering the student parking lot. Once over the bump, they don’t accelerate and coast down the lane.

It’s 8:27. You tail the minivan hoping to encourage them to go faster than three miles per hour. Now they’ve stopped to let the whole right side of the parking lot cross the road. You contemplate driving into head-on traffic to get to your spot.

Then you see it- a “Proud Parent of a STEM student” bumper sticker. The van has now shifted into park to let their underclassman child slowly unload their lunchbox and all their books into their rolling backpack.

It’s now 8:30 and you still haven’t parked. Your first period teacher marks your seventh tardy.

Parents, the drop off area is located at the front of the school. After 8:20, the student parking lot is for student drivers who are already running late. We would appreciate it if you refrained from using our parking lot during pick up and drop off.

Even though it’s probably more convenient for students to enter through the side gates, it interrupts the flow of traffic. If everyone goes to their designated drop off area, the risk of accidents would decrease.