Future members of the military

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Future members of the military

Kevin Le, Staff Writer

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With the new school year starting, many students at Freedom High School have already started to prepare for their future after high school. Some plan to go to college and get a degree or to go straight into a job, but there are some students who plan on enlisting into the military.

Most students don’t consider joining the military, but it is great option for those who don’t have any idea what they want to do with their life or just want to serve their country. The students who enlist all have their own reasons for joining.

“I never considered enlisting into the military until I reached high school,” said senior Chris Delgado. “It was when I joined JROTC that I made the decision to become a Marine.”

There are many branches of the military to go into including the Marines, Army, Navy and Air Force. With each branch comes their own benefits and opportunities.


Members of the FHS NJROTC competed at the annual Drill Meet at Spoto HS in January 2017, where they finished in 5th place.

“I wanted to join the Navy, but when I talked to a marine recruiter and she told me all about being in the Marines, her own experiences and the benefits that came along with it,” said senior Jason Jean. “She convinced me to join the Marines.”

Recruiters from every branch come to Freedom and try to get possible new recruits to join them. Some students even change their career plans after talking to a recruiter.

“I originally wanted to be a police officer, but after talking to recruiters and other people from JROTC, I have decided to go into the Army,” said Jose Tepate, 11.

A lot of people who enlist choose to because of someone’s or something’s influence. It can range from parents, recruiters, or just their love for their country.

Gustavo Gomez, who is completing his final year at FHS said “When I reached high school I finally knew what I wanted to pursue, the Navy.”

“I have been planning to join the navy for 4 years now,” said Gomez. “It is finally coming up and I can’t wait.”

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