Crunch Fitness vs. LA Fitness

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Crunch Fitness vs. LA Fitness

Evan Castro, Staff Writer

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Students find diverse hobbies during their time in high school, whether it be singing, dancing, participating in clubs, student government or hitting the gym. Exercise can be an outlet for stress and helpful for building self-confidence. Two major gyms in the area come to mind when thinking of working out – Crunch Fitness and LA Fitness. What about each of them draws FHS students?

Oftentimes, it is a combination of factors that attract a student to a particular gym membership.

“I prefer Crunch because it is closer to my house than LA Fitness, so I can go almost anytime I want. The membership fees are a lot cheaper than LA which is 30 dollars or more a month compared to 10 dollars a month for crunch. This is nice, seeing how I’m a student and don’t want to spend more money than I have to,” said Ashley Edwards, 12.   

For Senior Quinn Wills, going to the gym is one of the biggest priorities in his day-to-day life. When it comes to his choice in gyms, it’s LA Fitness by far.  

“In my opinion, Crunch caters to a much younger demographic than LA. This is a good thing because it’s easier for some to get into fitness, but it brings the disadvantages of having four high school students standing around at a bench for 30 or more minutes,” shared Wills. “LA constantly has more equipment, which ties into a better atmosphere with a more solitary vibe.” 

Greg Titus, 12, he agrees with Wills about the superior ambiance of LA Fitness.

“Crunch is a smaller gym with fewer locations around me, and to me, the environment [of LA Fitness] is a lot better than Crunch’s,” noted Titus.

Priorities when it comes to  location, price, equipment and business are up to each individual.

Cole Rodgers, 12, added “I prefer Crunch, mostly because the price difference. It’s a much cheaper option for quality that tends to be around the same.”  

Everyone prefers their own gym, which is the one that makes them feel welcomed and motivated to progress towards their goals. Pricing and comfort level are ultimately the most important aspects of choosing the right gym.

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